Info about the world top 10 Largest Crypto Exchanges

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Info about the world top 10 Largest Crypto Exchanges

Post by geniusminds » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:27 pm

Rather than, advertising around here, this is more for sharing the information and the mutual awareness for whom may be interested in to learn on this info.

Just to share the information of what is the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges/markets all over the world, based on the market caps and volume of the average daily transactions.

Knowing which websites/exchanges are large and widely used or reputed is the great first step to dodging off scams or the danger in which you would possibly fall into anywhere you're in the online world.

Because something used by many in wide regions can be a sign that it's at least the least possibility to falling into being scammed and it means it's kind of being trusted. ... s-largest/

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