Making promotion with your products

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Making promotion with your products

Post by selenaly » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:45 am

Magento Follow Up email extension by MageHit will give you best experience because of many awesome features. If you want to attract customers and boost sales, it is very efficiently to use it. It provides quick view for any product in your store logically and fascinatingly. Come to MageHit, you will see it:
- Provide product detail on the category page.
- allow admin add product to cart/ wishlist right from the pop-up.
- allow customers summit review for product, have a quick but clear look about product
- Allow zooming the images clearly for any product
- Easy to use and upgrade, 100% open source, allow using and working in almost devices, responsive design
- Encourage customers to buy products, so boosting sales is sone efficiently
While you use this extension, you will experience many other features as well as advantages. Right now, it is time for you to make breakthrough in your business. Come to MageHit now. If you are wondering about finding the supplier of Magento Extensions, you can find MageHit as a reliable provider. MageHit with many experienced years and support team promises to meet all your demand in the best way. Follow this link for more information:

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