I'm Number 1 on Bing with My Automated Methods! - Proof #SEO #WebsiteDesign

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I'm Number 1 on Bing with My Automated Methods! - Proof #SEO #WebsiteDesign

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I'm Number 1 on Bing with My Automated Methods! - Proof #SEO #WebsiteDesign

I knew the Holy Spirit driven website promotion method I was given was powerful, but I was just talking to a fellow computer repair man about making a website for him. I made it clear he was the ONLY other computer IT on Oahu I would build a website for with this method because it was so powerful. This particular computer repair IT helped me when I went self-employed full time as an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii and we remain good friends and often refer each other.

He had been caught with an overcharged, under promoted Yellow Pages website. The Yellow Pages continued to tell him what great search results he was getting, but he didn't see these results and they definitely were not converting into new computer clients for him.

So I got curious and wanted to check my own results which I hadn't done. Now I want to be clear on this, I had done NO OTHER PROMOTION other than my automated SEO (search engine optimization) methods.

I searched Computer Virus Removal Honolulu

I didn't even refine it by stating in home computer virus removal since I wanted to see more general search results. I'm on the third page of Google so I thought to myself, "Not bad for never touching this website. It's only been a couple of months."

What a Shocker!

So then I went to Bing. To be honest I've been getting better search results from Bing lately. Google seems more interested in how to keep people out of its search engine than putting good information in its search engine for people to find.

http://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.ph ... l#msg13909
Click here if you are not on the main post page for this website promotion information article

Using my computer at home I searched computer virus removal Honolulu, getting ready to scroll down to find my website, NO NEED TO SCROLL THERE IT WAS! NUMBER 1 ON BING http://ComputerHelp808.com !

If You Haven't Looked Yourself Already

What you see in this captured image is the websites which pay to get on top of Bing. It's called PPC or pay per click advertising. Everytime someone clicks one of the links it costs the company money. Right below that, which I drew a box around, is my website. The first organic website for the search term computer virus removal Honolulu.

I Thank God

For the skills He gave me in website design and SEO so I may help my fellow Christians as well as others who are too busy to:

Promote their own website even though their competition is more easily found

Advertise their mlm website which could be dropped or changed at anytime by the main network marketing company

Or even get a powerful, flexible automatic income and automated SEO and promotion website

Get Started

I am here for you, because He is here for me. Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text 224-1870 to reach expert Unique Website Designer, website promotion expert (SEO) and sales-psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. The rest of the world email me at computerhelp808 @ gmail.com or visit my website http://BetterThanAWebsite.com

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Re: I'm Number 1 on Bing with My Automated Methods! - Proof #SEO #WebsiteDesign

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My company website also in 1st place in Google search engine.

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